Together2022 is a global movement to elevate the position and perception of Lifeguards to reverse the staffing crisis. 





We need to work together, and stand together, to address the challenges facing our industry.





Let's create a ripple across our communities and a buzz for lifeguards to be seen for the heroes that they are.






Be the culture of change so that people are lining up to become lifeguards, the same way they are to get into emergency services.  Together we can change an industry.

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Our industry is in crisis with a lifeguard shortage.  We have all identified and are implementing countless micro solutions to this issue but it is time for us pull together as a united industry to address this issue on a larger scale!  

Read the position statement from the International Life Saving Federation:

LPS-01 2004 Colour Scheme.pdf

LPS-05 2006 Uniforms.pdf

(For more info visit:


  • Lifeguard Employers: 
    • Adopt the recommendations for branding your aquatics team outlined in the NOTICED section of together2022.  Enhance your culture by adopting the key messaging in the INSPIRED section of together2022. 
    • Incorporate this messaging into your training's, day to day interactions and posting in your workplace.


  • Certifying Organizations:
    • Support together2022 by endorsing the initiative.
    • Increase awareness of the movement by including messaging in your publications and communications to your membership.
    • Promote movement with a slide at the beginning of any conference presentations, webinar or course being taught.
    • Release a position encouraging employers to use the international colours with uniforms and any branding associated with Lifeguards.
    • When revising program literature display all images of lifeguards in these colours.
    • Incorporate content into lifeguard certifications educating them as to what the international colours are for lifeguards.
    • Help communicate message via social media platforms.


  • Industry Partners (Suppliers, distributors, vendors, merchandisers...):
    • Stand with us!  Identify your support to the movement by including our graphics in your materials and help share the message via your social media platforms.


  • Recreation Organizations (Provincial/State and National level Parks and Recreation Associations):
    • Endorse the movement.
    • Communicate and celebrate together2022 in your communications to your memberships.
    • Promote and share our message via your social media platforms.

Firefighters and police officers are rightfully perceived as selfless public servants and Heroes.  This is because they are focused on public safety with noble qualities and require courage in the face of danger.  The work of a Lifeguard is similar in that they work to keep the people safe by teaching swimming to prevent death and harm.  Lifeguards also respond in an emergency putting their person in danger to save another.  Yet the public do not commonly associate Lifeguards as community heroes.  

It is imperative that we work together as an industry to change this and to elevate the perception of Lifeguards.  By using the following HERO approach when certifying,  training, or supervising Lifeguards we will inspire this and future generations of Lifeguards:


 Help Lifeguards maintain optimal physical and mental fitness


Empower them to own BEing a Lifeguard


Remind Lifeguards that they are saving lives when Lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons


Offer opportunities for Lifeguards to share their stories


For resources and to learn more about the HERO approach Join the Movement!

When you ask anyone what a Fire Fighter looks like or a Police Officer they will clearly be able to tell you regardless of where in the world you are.  We need to ensure that we can achieve the same result with Lifeguards.  By uniting in our appearance we will enhance our awareness with the public.


Many municipalities are requiring their Lifeguards to adopt their corporate colours and branding standards with uniforms.  Lifeguards should qualify for exceptions similar to Fire Fighters, Bylaw Officers, Animal Service Officers, and Security Personnel with uniform standards.


The International Life Saving Federation states that uniforms should be distinctive and consistent in appearance.  

"The most widely used uniform colour scheme is the use of uniforms coloured red and yellow.  These colours have proven to be readily distinguishable against the many people and colours they may be wearing while in, on or around aquatic environments.  The red and yellow colour scheme has become synonymous with lifesavers in many countries."   - ILS Lifesaving Position Statement - LPS 05 (Lifesaver and Lifeguard Uniforms)

  • Red- Pantone 186C,  #c8102e, rgb 200-16-46 
  • Yellow- Pantone 136C, #ffbf3f, rgb 255-191-63

Ideally upper body clothing (shirt, jacket, etc.) will be yellow and lower body clothing (swimsuit, shorts, pants, etc.) will be red.

By adopting these colours with your uniform you will help promote international consistency and recognition. 


In addition to colour of your uniforms also consider:

  • If your Lifeguards use the City/Organizations Logo consider using a unique identifier like a crest or coat of arms.  This is a common practice with Fire and Police Services.  By elevating the branding of your Lifeguard Team you will build intrinsic capital through immense pride.  When adopting a change like this you will notice your team wont say "I am JUST a Lifeguard" but rather "I AM a Lifeguard".  
  • Provide your team with extra shirts (not the same as the formal uniform) with LIFEGUARD on it to wear outside of work.  Ensure they are a modern fun design that your team members would be likely to wear often.  We want to build a culture where being a Lifeguard is part of who  you are and less of a job.  The more our team members promote themselves as Lifeguards the more we are promoting our profession to the public.  This is also an outstanding recruitment tool when your team members are walking billboards promoting the job for you.


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